Meet & Greet

Mingle with the Chef while he makes the meal! Guests will enjoy a 45-minute cooking performance by Chef Tim Love, sharing his culinary prowess and techniques alongside flawless audio visual production and extra large flat screens for all diners to see. You are sure to be entertained, enlightened, and, not to mention, very well fed as Texas’ prized celebrity chef prepares a signature dish while you enjoy a specially-curated three course dinner.

Indoor Cooking Demo

When Tim Love says hand-on, he means it! Here, you and your guests will don the aprons and cook the dish alongside Chef Love with a fully interactive, step-by-step process complete with your own individual cooking stations. Armed with new knowledge and cooking know-how, you’ll certainly be going home with more than just a full belly! To round out the experience after preparing and tasting your delectable dish, you will be served an entrée prepared by Tim Love’s very own catering team and have the opportunity to mingle with the Chef himself during the dessert course.

Grilling Demo

Our signature hands-on grilling demo with Chef Love gives you a chance to roll up your sleeves, pour a glass of wine, and sharpen up your backyard grilling technique with a step-by-step process to achieve grilled meat and veggie perfection. In addition to first-hand tips and tricks for sourcing, prepping, grilling, and serving, Love invites guests up to the stage for an up-close look at his process (and a shot of Tequila if you’re lucky!). Tables are lined up with supplies and smokin’ hot grills waiting for you to get your grill on with Texas’ renowned grill master.

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