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Experience the Heart of Tex Mex at Paloma Suerte

Chef Tim Love brings the distinctive Tex Mex flavors to life in the historic Stockyards of Fort Worth, Texas. Paloma Suerte offers an immersive dining experience, blending authentic cuisine, exceptional service, and the rustic charm of the Lone Star state.

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"Experience the Vibrant Heart of Tex-Mex Cuisine at Paloma Suerte."
– Chef Tim Love

So Many Flavors, So Little Time

Dive into the world of our crafted margaritas, where each flavor tells a unique story. Whether it's the sweet allure of strawberry or the exotic twist of mango, each margarita is a celebration of Tex Mex culture in a glass.

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Welcome to Paloma Suerte, Chef Tim Love's vibrant Tex-Mex hub in Fort Worth, Texas; an ideal venue for your private events where the zest of Texas meets the flavors of Mexico.

The restaurant has the capacity to comfortably accommodate parties of up to 120 guests, ensuring a delightful and spacious atmosphere for your celebration. To begin planning your exclusive event, please complete the form below and our private dining coordinator will be in touch to assist you with all your event needs.


Monday - Wednesday: 4pm - 10pm
Thursday - Friday: 11am - 11pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9am - 11pm